Can not convert \”22.5\” to number

While writing a script to get some information from top of the command line into applescript
and compare the numbers I stumbled upon a problem.
While top returns 22.5 applescript on my mac sees a number as 22,5.
The mac I use has german as locale, looks like the locale of the command line isn’t the same
and uses us notation.
So I created a short snippet to convert a string from 22.5 to 22,5 which can than be converted
to a number in applescript.
  on dotStringNumber2commaStringNumber(stringNumber)

       set resultNumber to ""
       set char_list to every character of stringNumber
       set char_list_length to count char_list
       repeat with x from char_list_length to 1 by -1
                 set current to ( item (char_list_length - x + 1) of char_list) as string
                 if current = "." then set current to ","
                 set resultNumber to resultNumber & current
       end repeat
       return resultNumber

 end dotStringNumber2commaStringNumber
I know this isn’t the best solution but I haven’t found a simpler one, perhapsmsomebody else knows.

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