Blogging… and the platform beneath it.

When I started thinking about starting to blog again (Mingle Mangle of My Mind was for a short time a secondary blog to keep my more private stuff) I searched the web to figure out which blogging platforms where available.

I did know WordPress already, I even had a own WordPress installation a long time ago and the family webpage is hosted on blogger… nothing really happening there though.
I than found out about and liked the idea to use Evernote to post my blogs. Mainly because I already dump a lot of thinks into Evernote and also because when I search via Google or in Evernote related material comes up directly.
But I couldn’t really get to work, my posts where quite ugly with text just as a long string, no formatting etc.
I tried several ways to make a change to the posts, via the web, deleting the post etc but it didn’t really work out I think.
So I looked around again and found that I can use to use to blog with Evernote to WordPress.
You can’t use IFTTT for this as it doesn’t have triggers to create a post in WordPress.
The only thing I now have to figure out is how to push the tags I use in Evernote to WordPress.
We will see.

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