Why to Blog?

I just noticed something

I did a lot of voluntary work in the past in the IT-sector.

During my days with Novell I posted a lot in the forums, helping people with my knowledge and having fun with some very good people and friends.

IIRC my average posting level was around 300 posts per week, which was mainly possible because of being able to use NNTP, an offline reader and a lot of macros.

During that time I burned out, not because of the work in the forums but because of the frustration with work, the products I did support and a lot of other things. It came to the point where it was an uphill battle to work.

I noticed later that I was depressive which I did overcome with the help from my family and medical support.

But up to recently I could never envision to “work” in a forum again.. Almost no forum nowadays support a way to work fast and efficient, and a lot of the forums I did find interest in did really strike me as that welcoming.

And honestly I still can’t envision myself ATM giving support again in a forum, but I must admit that blogging the stuff I figure out or find noteworthy is something I start to like and I will probably keep on doing.

We will see



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