Poor Man’s Sanebox

Call me cheap… but you can’t call me lazy.

Update: I forgot to mark the messages in the folders read, I added that to the script.
While Sanebox  is a great way to manage your inbox and remove a lot of pressure it just doesn’t cut it for me with my 30 mails a day.
So I came up to recreate the issue I liked the most from Sanebox, moving mails aside and bring them back in focus later again.
You can use mail rules for this, the only problem is that osx mail will not run rules on other folders than your inbox. But I found a solution on c-command which boils down to run a rule with every incoming mail, but on other folders (and they even did it because of sanebox..)
So this is what I did..
I took the applescript from c-command and made some changes to support @SaneTomorrow and @SaneNextWeek. Also because I have an Exchange and an GMail account I implement a try and on error to either use Inbox or INBOX depending on which format the inbox is.
And here is the script:

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