Blogo… a nice tool, with some drawbacks

While looking into options to make the blogging experience with WordPress and Evernote better I stumbled upon Blogo  which has a 50% discount atm because it just came to the App Store.

After reading on their webpage I thought…. let’s buy it.

While Blogo has some really nice features and works for those like a charm, it is missing 3 really big ones:

  1. Support for Short Codes like “” doesn’t exist (not even in the preview)
  2. Tag / Category picking from existing Tags and Categories
  3. Linking to other posts or media

Especially 1. is a real killer, and you can only find that out by browsing their support page under suggestions.

I will give Blogo a ride for stuff I can do with it and will post a better review, atm this is mainly venting.

BTW: Looks like they are working on the missing features.


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