File too big => number of hosts > 128. Not Supported

You might have stumbled over this error in the sdrsinjector.log.

I did, when I was troubleshooting why sdrsInjector was running haywire on one of the vSan notes.

While there is a KB for this symptom KB2145247 it doesn’t describe the whole solution.

We added an NFS datastore to all our hosts to redirect logs and scratch and we have more than 128 hosts in that vCenter.

So there is the truth, but we don’t have Storage I/O control enabled.

So I enabled the options:

  • Disable Storage I/O statistics collection
  • Exclude I/O statistics from SDRS

on those datastores.

Unfortunately I had to do that in all datacenters in all vCenters but that wasn’t too hard.



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