Peek Behind your active Window

I implemented the idea from

to use Keyboard Maestro to peek behind my active Window.

The only problem with that is that the minimizing takes ages.

But konfluenzpunkt from AptGetUpdate came up with another idea based on the original.

He moves the Window to the buttom of the screen and moves it back afterwards.

The only problem I had in the beginning was that my masks did only display numbers for moving or resizing the window.

Till I figured out that you can just click in the mask and enter the text manually.

After that editing the macro was easy.


(c) AptGetUpdate


Black and White Extension Icons in Chrome

While reading the Noodlesoft forums I stumbled upon the buzz which pointed me to Adrian Logue post about how to get Black and White Extension Icons in Chrome.
There are two things “wrong” with the post from Adrian:
  1. He is describing setting this up in an older version from Hazel which doesn’t has support for Pixel Width and Pixel Height (or at least I have them as options)
  2. He mentions that the size of the Extension Icons are 19×19.
To me it looks like that the size of the Extension Icons are NOT only anymore 19×19, my extensions have a lot of different sizes, starting from 16×16 and ending at 128×128.
So I did write up a quick applescript which checks for specific sizes and also if the image is a square.
Note: 128 x 128 is a size also being used by the Apps display in Chrome, so maybe you want to remove that value form the list.
The top part of the script is quite useful for debugging in the applescript editor and doesn’t matter when you run it in Hazel.

Check if file is older than X days

Today I needed a rule in hazel which was able to check if a file was older than X days.

While there are some options in hazel like before this year, I mistrusted them to work in
the correct way and I wanted to do some more applescript.
So I wrote a quick applescript to check if the file modified date is older than X days and than
return a true.

-- Set the age of files that you want to keep
set keepDays to (360)
tell application “Finder”
set modDate to modification date of theFile
if modDate is less than ((current date)) - keepDays * days then
return true
end if
end tell
— File is younger than keepDays
return false