Blogo… a nice tool, with some drawbacks

While looking into options to make the blogging experience with WordPress and Evernote better I stumbled upon Blogo  which has a 50% discount atm because it just came to the App Store.

After reading on their webpage I thought…. let’s buy it.

While Blogo has some really nice features and works for those like a charm, it is missing 3 really big ones:

  1. Support for Short Codes like “” doesn’t exist (not even in the preview)
  2. Tag / Category picking from existing Tags and Categories
  3. Linking to other posts or media

Especially 1. is a real killer, and you can only find that out by browsing their support page under suggestions.

I will give Blogo a ride for stuff I can do with it and will post a better review, atm this is mainly venting.

BTW: Looks like they are working on the missing features.


WebCommander is Open Source now.

WebCommander is a framework to wrap around your Powershell and / or PowerCLI scripts to give it an easy to use web interface.

Wrapping a program as a web service means using a web portal to gather parameters and then passing them to the wrapped program. By doing so, details on how the program is developed and what underlying system it depends on become transparent to others. People could make easy use of the program via browser manually or through any programming language that supports calling web services.

End users usually run many repeatable routines which could be automated by PowerCLI. WebCommander makes it even easier by providing a more user friendly UI and result report. Users have no need to setup their own environment to use PowerCLI, keep upgrading it, download and learn scripts written by others.

Started as a VMware fling this is now OpenSource and I guess usefull not only to people using PowerCLI.


Peek Behind your active Window

I implemented the idea from

to use Keyboard Maestro to peek behind my active Window.

The only problem with that is that the minimizing takes ages.

But konfluenzpunkt from AptGetUpdate came up with another idea based on the original.

He moves the Window to the buttom of the screen and moves it back afterwards.

The only problem I had in the beginning was that my masks did only display numbers for moving or resizing the window.

Till I figured out that you can just click in the mask and enter the text manually.

After that editing the macro was easy.


(c) AptGetUpdate

Black and White Extension Icons in Chrome

While reading the Noodlesoft forums I stumbled upon the buzz which pointed me to Adrian Logue post about how to get Black and White Extension Icons in Chrome.
There are two things “wrong” with the post from Adrian:
  1. He is describing setting this up in an older version from Hazel which doesn’t has support for Pixel Width and Pixel Height (or at least I have them as options)
  2. He mentions that the size of the Extension Icons are 19×19.
To me it looks like that the size of the Extension Icons are NOT only anymore 19×19, my extensions have a lot of different sizes, starting from 16×16 and ending at 128×128.
So I did write up a quick applescript which checks for specific sizes and also if the image is a square.
Note: 128 x 128 is a size also being used by the Apps display in Chrome, so maybe you want to remove that value form the list.
The top part of the script is quite useful for debugging in the applescript editor and doesn’t matter when you run it in Hazel.

Poor Man’s Sanebox

Call me cheap… but you can’t call me lazy.

Update: I forgot to mark the messages in the folders read, I added that to the script.
While Sanebox  is a great way to manage your inbox and remove a lot of pressure it just doesn’t cut it for me with my 30 mails a day.
So I came up to recreate the issue I liked the most from Sanebox, moving mails aside and bring them back in focus later again.
You can use mail rules for this, the only problem is that osx mail will not run rules on other folders than your inbox. But I found a solution on c-command which boils down to run a rule with every incoming mail, but on other folders (and they even did it because of sanebox..)
So this is what I did..
I took the applescript from c-command and made some changes to support @SaneTomorrow and @SaneNextWeek. Also because I have an Exchange and an GMail account I implement a try and on error to either use Inbox or INBOX depending on which format the inbox is.
And here is the script:

Why to Blog?

I just noticed something

I did a lot of voluntary work in the past in the IT-sector.

During my days with Novell I posted a lot in the forums, helping people with my knowledge and having fun with some very good people and friends.

IIRC my average posting level was around 300 posts per week, which was mainly possible because of being able to use NNTP, an offline reader and a lot of macros.

During that time I burned out, not because of the work in the forums but because of the frustration with work, the products I did support and a lot of other things. It came to the point where it was an uphill battle to work.

I noticed later that I was depressive which I did overcome with the help from my family and medical support.

But up to recently I could never envision to “work” in a forum again.. Almost no forum nowadays support a way to work fast and efficient, and a lot of the forums I did find interest in did really strike me as that welcoming.

And honestly I still can’t envision myself ATM giving support again in a forum, but I must admit that blogging the stuff I figure out or find noteworthy is something I start to like and I will probably keep on doing.

We will see


2 nice OSX Software Bundles


Atm there are 2 nice OSX software bundles out there:

  1. Winning MacLovin Bundle from Stacksocial

Cinegraph Pro, djay, NetSpot Pro, Keyboard Maestro, Hype 2, Dropzone 3, Moom, Boom and the Mac OSX App Masterclass for $39,99 ends in 15 hours (14/08/20)

2. Pick a bundle of 10 Mac apps for $ 39 from mac.creatable

Pick 10 apps out of the following: 

Ember, MacKeeper Lite, Intensify Pro, PulpMotion, Sketches for Pages, Vitamin-R, Duplicate Annhiliator, App Tamer, Focus 2 Pro, iDive, Subtitle Studio, Silverlock, Motion Composer, MacJournal, Erato, Deskcovery II, Eon, Amberlight, Default Folder X, Picjumbo, MacGourmet Deluxe, Movie Sherlock, Back in Focus, Noise Machine, History Hound, Jettison, MailHub, WriteKit, VideoPier and Subtle Patterns