Blogo… a nice tool, with some drawbacks

While looking into options to make the blogging experience with WordPress and Evernote better I stumbled upon Blogo  which has a 50% discount atm because it just came to the App Store.

After reading on their webpage I thought…. let’s buy it.

While Blogo has some really nice features and works for those like a charm, it is missing 3 really big ones:

  1. Support for Short Codes like “” doesn’t exist (not even in the preview)
  2. Tag / Category picking from existing Tags and Categories
  3. Linking to other posts or media

Especially 1. is a real killer, and you can only find that out by browsing their support page under suggestions.

I will give Blogo a ride for stuff I can do with it and will post a better review, atm this is mainly venting.

BTW: Looks like they are working on the missing features.


2 nice OSX Software Bundles


Atm there are 2 nice OSX software bundles out there:

  1. Winning MacLovin Bundle from Stacksocial

Cinegraph Pro, djay, NetSpot Pro, Keyboard Maestro, Hype 2, Dropzone 3, Moom, Boom and the Mac OSX App Masterclass for $39,99 ends in 15 hours (14/08/20)

2. Pick a bundle of 10 Mac apps for $ 39 from mac.creatable

Pick 10 apps out of the following: 

Ember, MacKeeper Lite, Intensify Pro, PulpMotion, Sketches for Pages, Vitamin-R, Duplicate Annhiliator, App Tamer, Focus 2 Pro, iDive, Subtitle Studio, Silverlock, Motion Composer, MacJournal, Erato, Deskcovery II, Eon, Amberlight, Default Folder X, Picjumbo, MacGourmet Deluxe, Movie Sherlock, Back in Focus, Noise Machine, History Hound, Jettison, MailHub, WriteKit, VideoPier and Subtle Patterns