Peek Behind your active Window

I implemented the idea from

to use Keyboard Maestro to peek behind my active Window.

The only problem with that is that the minimizing takes ages.

But konfluenzpunkt from AptGetUpdate came up with another idea based on the original.

He moves the Window to the buttom of the screen and moves it back afterwards.

The only problem I had in the beginning was that my masks did only display numbers for moving or resizing the window.

Till I figured out that you can just click in the mask and enter the text manually.

After that editing the macro was easy.


(c) AptGetUpdate


2 nice OSX Software Bundles


Atm there are 2 nice OSX software bundles out there:

  1. Winning MacLovin Bundle from Stacksocial

Cinegraph Pro, djay, NetSpot Pro, Keyboard Maestro, Hype 2, Dropzone 3, Moom, Boom and the Mac OSX App Masterclass for $39,99 ends in 15 hours (14/08/20)

2. Pick a bundle of 10 Mac apps for $ 39 from mac.creatable

Pick 10 apps out of the following: 

Ember, MacKeeper Lite, Intensify Pro, PulpMotion, Sketches for Pages, Vitamin-R, Duplicate Annhiliator, App Tamer, Focus 2 Pro, iDive, Subtitle Studio, Silverlock, Motion Composer, MacJournal, Erato, Deskcovery II, Eon, Amberlight, Default Folder X, Picjumbo, MacGourmet Deluxe, Movie Sherlock, Back in Focus, Noise Machine, History Hound, Jettison, MailHub, WriteKit, VideoPier and Subtle Patterns


Editing in a different app

While trying some more advanced Keyboard Maestrofu I stumbled about the Tips and Tricks of  Flip Martin

The remote editing part was looking interesting so I implemented it, just to get another idea a day later:
Why not use this as a general way to allow remote editing?
The only changes it really takes is saving the application which is being used in a token and than when we save from Sublime Text to bring the window of the application back to the front.
Here are the changed scripts (I marked the changes in red) :
Edit in Sublime Text
End Remote Editing

Activate / De-activate VPN per AppleScript

Just got a good Deal for a VPN Provider to different countries to secure Wireless Connections via VPN Unlimited.

Link to deal , offers  expires 2014/08/22

I don’t want to keep it running by default so I created a short script to activate / de-activate the VPN via Keyboard Maestro.

Keyboard Maestro Editor VPN Switch

and here the script:

tell application "System Events"
    tell current location of network preferences
        set VPNservice to service "VPN Unlimited (Germany)"
        set isConnected to connected of current configuration of VPNservice
        if isConnected then
            disconnect VPNservice
            set onOff to "off"
            connect VPNservice
            set onOff to "on"
        end if
    end tell
end tell
return onOff

I now just need to figure out how to use more than one profile (the profile is auto configured via an app).

Still if this VPN Provider works to my satisfaction I guess I will subscribe longer after the first 3 years.