Why to Blog?

I just noticed something

I did a lot of voluntary work in the past in the IT-sector.

During my days with Novell I posted a lot in the forums, helping people with my knowledge and having fun with some very good people and friends.

IIRC my average posting level was around 300 posts per week, which was mainly possible because of being able to use NNTP, an offline reader and a lot of macros.

During that time I burned out, not because of the work in the forums but because of the frustration with work, the products I did support and a lot of other things. It came to the point where it was an uphill battle to work.

I noticed later that I was depressive which I did overcome with the help from my family and medical support.

But up to recently I could never envision to “work” in a forum again.. Almost no forum nowadays support a way to work fast and efficient, and a lot of the forums I did find interest in did really strike me as that welcoming.

And honestly I still can’t envision myself ATM giving support again in a forum, but I must admit that blogging the stuff I figure out or find noteworthy is something I start to like and I will probably keep on doing.

We will see



Blogging, Zapier and Evernote

Well, I like the general Idea to blog via Evernote.

If it wouldn’t be so cumbersome.
Just found out today that Zapier does exactly what it says, If there is a NEW note in Evernote, publish it on WordPress.
The problem arises if you start creating a note, and later add the tag published to it (which will than get this note around the filter) to send it to WordPress.
It doesn’t work, because this isn’t a new Note.
What works is that if you create a note in a different Notebook and than move the note over into the Notebook which is hooked up to Zapier it will be than processed.
We will see

Blogging… and the platform beneath it.

When I started thinking about starting to blog again (Mingle Mangle of My Mind was for a short time a secondary blog to keep my more private stuff) I searched the web to figure out which blogging platforms where available.

I did know WordPress already, I even had a own WordPress installation a long time ago and the family webpage is hosted on blogger… nothing really happening there though.
I than found out about Postach.io and liked the idea to use Evernote to post my blogs. Mainly because I already dump a lot of thinks into Evernote and also because when I search via Google or in Evernote related material comes up directly.
But I couldn’t really get Postach.io to work, my posts where quite ugly with text just as a long string, no formatting etc.
I tried several ways to make a change to the posts, via the web, deleting the post etc but it didn’t really work out I think.
So I looked around again and found that I can use http://zapier.com to use to blog with Evernote to WordPress.
You can’t use IFTTT for this as it doesn’t have triggers to create a post in WordPress.
The only thing I now have to figure out is how to push the tags I use in Evernote to WordPress.
We will see.


Welcome to Mingle Mangle of My Mind…. the second incarnation.
After doing a lot of research in the last weeks I stumbled upon a nice blog article (which I forgot to pin as usual).
Contents of this article was mainly, that the blogger was using his blog not really to reach out to other people but to note down stuff he learned or found interesting.
He also explained that he mainly searches his blog first before going into the WWW because most of the time he found out he just forgot that he already did look into that matter already.
Also he came to the conclusion that perhaps somebody else (like me 🙂 ) was looking for that same information too.
So instead of using pinterest, evernote, pocket etc to write down and archive stuff, I thought I would try the same and by that even write stuff down in evernote.
We will see